Ice Dam Removal Service

Icicles may be beautiful, but Ice Dams can really be a nightmare for Home Owners. They can cause a ton a damage, which can be extremely costly and frustrating.

When choosing an Ice Dam Removal Service, you want to be sure the service has the proper equipment. Some will use a hammer and chisel to remove the ice, but they’re actually causing more damage to your shingles, gutters, and roof.

At Lake Country, we only use a low pressure high temperature steam to melt the ice without damaging the shingles. First we will shovel and remove the snow and then apply the steam. This is the only safe and effective way to remove the Ice Dams without further damaging your home.

How Ice Dams Form

  1. Roof shingles are warmed by heat from the sun and heat escaping from inside the home.

  2. Snow begins to melt upon contact with the warmed roof shingles.

  3. Melted snow travels along the roof’s slope to the gutter.

  4. Melted snow refreezes when it touches cold eaves and gutters. The ridge of ice is called an ice dam. Icicles form along the dam.

  5. Once the melted water backs up past the lower row of shingles, the water flows down through the roof sheathing and into ceilings and walls.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal